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Welcome to The Lime Envelope

A company where our passion and experience make for an exciting cocktail, that adds a sharp lime freshness to your brand’s PR strategy, brand communications, and social media content. We are content and experience generators!

Our Vision

We aim to push creative boundaries in order to bring an exciting, fresh, ernergised spirit to your PR communication and events.

Our Mission

To be credible in our delivery to both clients and the media as a professional results driven agency, and to always fulfil a successful implementation in our role as core members of our client’s marketing team.

Our Culture

At The Lime Envelope we are a team of passionate, dedicated, determined, experienced professionals that have what it takes to produce results.

The Lime Envelope is celebrating 21 years of crafting captivating narratives, building brands, and driving impactful results.

Open up The Lime Envelope

  • Our PR team has a combined industry experience of 50 years and is committed to fair industry practice as outlined by the industry authority, PRISA – The Public Relations Institute of South Africa.
  • Sarah Martin is a CPRP/PRISA and The Lime Envelope is a member of the PRCC of PRISA. The Lime Envelope is a member of both PRISA and EXSA.
  • We are actively involved in a learnership programme whereby students are given the opportunity to work at the company to gain the practical experience required to ‘kick-start’ their PR careers.
  • We boast a team with unique as well as complementary strengths within the events and communications line-up.
  • We also assist developing businesses in our own CSI initiative by utilising our PR skills to secure ink and airtime for BBBEE businesses at no cost to themselves.
  • We are a proud and active participant in the development of the South African economy – utilising locally sourced services and products from BBBEE contributor companies.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

- Albert Einstein -

Our Services

Public Relations
Is the strategic management of relationships between your organisation and its many publics.
Social Media
Social media is the collection of websites and applications designed to allow users to share content online with friends and family and/or customers and audiences. Content includes photos, videos, opinions, events in real-time or anything else that the user wishes to create and share.
Physical & Virtual Conferences & Events
Event and project management to the creation and development of events, including virtual events and conferences.
Physical & Virtual Expo PR
Public relations around a specific exhibition and/or event to increase awareness and attendance.
Online Communications
“Online” indicates a state of connectivity, communication from Latin commūnicāre, meaning “to share”.
The creation and layout of supporting artwork.
Promotions & Activations
Raising customer awareness of a product or brand, generating sales and creating brand loyalty.
Promotional Items
Articles of merchandise often branded and used in marketing and communication programmes.
Media Planning
Sourcing and selecting optimal media platforms for a client’s brand or product.