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The Roger Federer Foundation required localised PR that would not only generate awareness for  the Match In Africa 6 exhibition match but also for the breaking of a world record. The agency worked with the International Communication’s team as the South African representatives managing the drafting and issuing of press releases, setting up of media interviews, liaising with local and international media, media accreditation, media centre management, management of the various media events including press briefings, mixed zone interviews, Q&A’s with key spokespeople, management of media photographers and briefings, exclusive Dubai international media one-on-one interviews with Roger Federer, social media management, website management and reporting.

In my role as Head of Communications for the exhibition match I found the agency  to be efficient, professional and committed about their client and their client’s objectives, as well as dedicated to meeting the media’s requirements.

I enjoyed working with the agency team and The Lime Envelope’s strategic approach, media relations skills, professionalism and enthusiasm resulted in extensive PR coverage across print, online, broadcast and social media.

We greatly valued the agency’s commitment and expertise and wish to warmly recommend The Lime Envelope.”

Cornelia Schmid, Co-Founder and Partner, Lemongrass Communications Ltd, Switzerland

“I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of No Boundaries Events Pty Ltd. Kerry, Sarah and the team from The Lime Envelope were appointed as the local PR Agency for the Match in Africa 6 event where Roger Federer played Rafael Nadal in Cape Town in February 2020.

Although The Lime Envelope were a smaller agency then many of the others we considered for this major event, we believed they would be the ideal fit and be more than capable for the daunting task. The attributes we felt stood them in good stead were:
• Could upscale as needed
• Dedicated a team to the event so we could deliver as needed
• Expertise in all elements of PR
• Had fun, fresh creative ideas that were not only unique but also budget conscious

We believe the team at The Lime Envelope were a great choice for our event, delivered on their brief, were within budget, and handled the big day without issue. We would certainly recommend the agency if you are looking for hands on, personal care and a fun and innovative campaign.”

Holger Losch, Founder and Director, No Boundaries Events Pty Ltd

“I own NAG (website), rAge and Rush (events) and have been doing shows/events in the computer gaming, technology, esports and geek culture space for the last 18 years. Sarah Martin and Kerry Oliver from The Lime Envelope have been with all of my event projects since the beginning, and are always ready to assist my company in everything we do. 

There is often a lot going on behind the scenes that I’m not made aware of, such as their ongoing relationships with all the media, and they constantly make sure to maintain relations with most of my expo clients so that we’re always able to offer the best kinds of experiences for everyone – from the general public attending my shows to my VIP guests. 

The Lime Envelope offers professional solutions-based outcomes and I wouldn’t feel comfortable launching a new event experience without their involvement. The passion and drive with which Sarah and Kerry work towards achieving the goals and objectives of our events, partners and sponsors is professional and exemplary.”

Michael James, Senior Project Manager [rAge/Rush] | Publisher [NAG]

“The Lime Envelope has been the exclusive agency of choice for Finfind since 2015. Sarah and her team
are an absolute pleasure to work with – their ideas are innovative, they are professional, highly service
orientated, and their delivery is excellent.

The services that The Lime Envelope has been rendering to us include:
• Generating content specific to our target audience.
• Securing media exposure and interviews in print, online, radio and TV.
• Complete event management, including all the behind-the-scenes administration associated with
a successful event, from name badges and registration, to photography, branding and on-site
press interviews.

The Lime Envelope Team is progressive and willing to go above and beyond to ensure that our brand
gets the exposure we require and is always top of mind.

I would highly recommend this agency to any business looking for a dynamic PR agency to partner with.”

Darlene Menzies, CEO, Finfind

“21st Century have been working with The Lime since 2015 and the team have proven themselves to be professional, pro-active and dynamic. They always go above and beyond to ensure that the 21st Century brand gets the exposure we require and is always top of mind in industry. The services they secure for us include but are not limited to generating content for specific media, securing media placement on online, print and broadcast platforms. This service has resulted in 21st Century being viewed as the leaders in our industry. I have no hesitation in recommending The Lime Envelope to any company looking for a strong PR company.”

Chris Blair, CEO, 21st Century

“It is with great pleasure that I am writing this recommendation letter for The Lime Envelope. I have been working with the agency across client PR and media projects as well as my own company requirements, for almost two decades.

The team at The Lime Envelope is very professional, dynamic, innovative, and enthusiastic about the work that they do. They thoroughly understand the needs of all clients and are consistent when it comes to outstanding service delivery.

Working with this agency has resulted in great PR coverage on print, online and broadcast media publications.

I would strongly recommend The Lime Envelope to any company that is looking for a hands-on PR agency to work with.”

Samantha Gabriel, Group Experience Director, CWDi

“The Lime Envelope has been our PR agency for the past three years and have proven themselves to be professional, motivated and dynamic. They go above and beyond to ensure that Kingson is always top of mind in our industry. 

The services they secure for us include, but are not limited to, generating content for specific media, securing media placement on online, print and broadcast platforms. The service has resulted in Kingson being viewed as the leaders in our industry.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend The Lime Envelope to any company looking for a strong, motivated PR company.”

Gavin Reardon, Managing Partner, Kingson Capital

“When we started we launched with one show. We now have five exhibitions securing over R35 million in television and media coverage both nationally and internationally. Along the way, we met a fabulous PR agency, The Lime Envelope and together with Sarah Martin and her team the brand has become a household name. The team is dynamic, friendly and comprehend the extra mile wholeheartedly. We believe we were blessed with perfect timing, circumstances and people.”

Natalie Naude, Show Director, SABC Education Baba Indaba and Business Woman of The Year

“A sincere thank you for the event management deployed not only for the 3 Cannes Lions screenings held in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg in the last 4 weeks; but also for the work done during the week that Philip was in South Africa. Cinemark was able to add value to clients’ brand communications strategies through the Learnings from the Lions Seminar – by highlighting case studies and through a panel discussion by industry leaders the CCO Draft SA Brett Morris, ECD Louw & Partners Cape Town Kirk Gainsford, ECD Ogilvy & Mather Mariana O’Kelly and the legendary Andy Rice. This initiative put the spotlight on PRIMEDIA as the Broadcasting, Outdoor and Cinemark brands dominated the media landscape. Your professional drive and commitment as business partner will not doubt contribute towards achieving our set marketing objectives. Considering that this marketing program was initiated in the last four weeks and is already yielding in terms of new sales, media coverage and reinforcing Cinemark’s value proposition as media solutions partner is an indication of the successes to yet unfold. Once again, we thank you.”

Tshireletso Yvonne Diogo, Marketing Manager, Cinemark

“The Lime Envelope is very consistent in delivering quality work even within tight deadlines. The team often provide proactive out-of-the-box solutions by understanding their customers needs and are able to customise and offer value-added services – always with their client at heart.I would strongly recommend the agency to any organisation. We have found The Lime Envelope to be worthy PR consultants that you can trust to deliver. Once again, a BIG thank you to the marvellous team. Keep it up!”

Esther Kho, Senior Marketing Specialist, Creative Ltd. Singapore

“I have worked with The Lime Envelope on a number of occasions in creating content for the weekly media and advertising show Maggs on Media on the eNews Channel Africa. I find TLE to be consummate professionals. I have seen a culture of excellence, good communication and going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we get what we need.”

Helene Nieuwenhuis, ETV eNCA Current Affairs/Special Projects Producer